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prel-ude [prey-lood, pree-] -noun

1. a preceding action, event, etc. that prepares the way for a principle matter of broader scope and higher importance.

2. In Music; an instrumental composition, free in form, that precedes a more principle movement.

Prelude Foundation (and Prelude Home) was established to give people an emotional, spiritual and, in some cases, physical refuge; a chance to begin anew and to provide that “preceding foundation” on which to build the principle matter, a healthy life of success and restored relationships.

Prelude Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with one thought in mind: Change is possible.

Emotional, physical and spiritual recovery is available to everyone. It is our deepest desire to assist you in the recovery process.

Most of us spend a lifetime building the walls of our own defenses. Through loving & non-judgmental coaching, we will be with you as you develop the courage to tear the walls down one brick at a time. We know that it can be a scary thing, especially at first. But we also know, through our own lives, that once you experience the joy of overcoming your fears and opening up to the love of others, you will never be the same.
It is also part of Prelude Foundation’s mission to be of service to others. We encourage others to do the same. Therefore we reach out to the community in a variety of ways to serve those in need. We also network with other non-profits to direct the community toward their services. So much is available and most people don’t know about it.

In 2009 we opened Prelude Home to extend our vision to assist with change and personal growth in recovery.  We are excited over the success for the 4 1/2 years it was open.  In September of 2013 we decided to focus on promotion and training of our vision within churches and families who might share this passion.  

We are also taking our life skills program into the OC Jail system to make it available to inmates. 


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