You Can help

We are so pleased that you want to help. There are a number of ways that you can get involved.

Your influence.

Do you have relationships with people or businesses who have a heart for what we are doing? Are you in a position to make a connection that could help us? Can you provide jobs and take a chance to give someone a start and let them prove they are ready for the responsibility? Personal and corporate sponsorships keep us moving forward. Would you be willing to pull it all together? We would appreciate any help that you could give. We are not professional “fund raisers” and we can use your assistance to get the word out.

Your time.

There are many ways to give of your time.  Do you have a heart to mentor those who desire this kind of change in their lives? Would you consider opening your home to those in need? Are you interested in going into the jails to teach the principles of healthy change?  We have numerous resources and places to help you get involved.  Give us a call and let's talk about what your dream is.


Donations can be sent to our main office (See our “Contact Us” page) or through PayPal using a credit card.


Our weekly mailings to jails and prisons.

Due to the limitations of maintaining the mailing, we no longer provide those services through Prelude Foundation.  However, as partners with other organizations who can provide Bible studies and other helpful information, we have opted to defer to those ministries. Please see our "Get Help Now" page for more info. 

If not with us, then please get involved somewhere.

We encourage you to reach out into your community in some way. Volunteer at your local food bank, soup kitchen or animal shelter just one night a week. Train your dog to be a Therapy Dog and go to hospitals. Something… Anything… Find a way to give of yourself. It will do you a world of good.

Thank you

Please consider helping these men and women who are serious about getting their lives back in order? This is an underserved population who are rarely treated as if they are of much value. It is our deep desire to provide the skills for people to begin to see themselves beyond their addiction or negative behavior and eventually be restored to their family and friends.

Contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities with you.





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