Mission Statement

Prelude Foundation

Prelude Foundation is a publicly funded non-profit 501 c (3) charitable organization. Our focus is to assist in the emotional and spiritual growth of individuals. Dysfunctional and selfish behavior is rampant in our society. We all are in need of recovery in some area of our life. We acknowledge that what we believe about ourselves and others leads to our chosen behaviors. It requires courage to examine our beliefs and consider the possibility of making changes. Our mission is to compassionately coach and facilitate the relationship between God, ourselves and others, allowing Truth to live in our heart. It is through Truth that healthy life choices will manifest, ultimately leading to one’s happiness.

I’m Pastor Gary Cram. I founded Prelude Foundation in late 2002. My wife, Pastor Lisa, and I have had a dream for over 20 years to reach out to others in service to demonstrate non-judgmental compassion with courage in our relationships together and with others. It is our desire to grow together with partners who wish to impact the lives of others through similar means. We can share our knowledge and teach you the valuable skills we have developed.  We can continue to grow together and build relationships. We enthusiastically believe that God is Love and He is willing to guide us all into Truth because He loves each of us in a very intimate way. Our hope is to encourage you into that process as you learn to connect personally with Him and guide others into that relationship.

Our Core Values

  • God loves us and is intimately involved in our life.
  • Change is possible and is much more accessible through the strength that comes from God.
  • His forgiveness and mercy endures forever.
  • He will bring all things together for our personal good.
  • Truth will grow healthy fruit in our life and set us free.  Sharing tht Truth benefits everyone.
  • The courage to examine our past choices can result in valuable and exciting change.

Prelude Foundation Recovery Program

In August of 2005, Pastor Lisa Cram received word from a long time friend who found herself in jail for drug and alcohol abuse. She was glad to go especially since it mirrored many of her own struggles in earlier years. Pastor Lisa visited her and encouraged her with compassion, acceptance and a willingness to speak positive truth in love. During her second visit, Pastor Lisa's friend let her know that there were many women in jail that did not have visitors and needed someone to turn to for guidance. She asked if it were possible for those women to receive visits as well. Within a very short amount of time, two became five, and five became twenty-five. Today Prelude Foundation’s Recovery Program has reached out to over 10,000 women as well as a number of men in 30 different prisons and jails in the western USA.

Our local Orange County program includes in-jail life skills classes, visitations, and recovery assistance to men and women when they are discharged. We work diligently to place them with necessary resources, mentors and a church home where they can be encouraged in the process.

In March 2009, we opened our first Prelude Recovery Home, providing a safe, structured and sober environment where women could find the love, direction and guidance they need to recover.  Now, although Prelude Home is closed, we continue the heart of the home by training others to do the same.


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